De Qualitionnaire
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Constant Depièreux has a Industrial Engineering degree in "Industries Agricoles et Alimentaires" (ISIL) and a Master degree in "Total Quality Management" (FPMs). Constant has a 40 years experience in business where he has held several international positions encompassing various areas of expertise (microbiology, immunology, applied statistics, risks management, information systems management). As an expatriate, he has a 9 months living experience in Germany and a four years living experience in Switzerland.

Constant is currently the founder and managing director of Applied Quality Technologies Europe sprl (AQTE in short) created in 1992, a consulting company specialized in business processes optimization and management systems integration. In his last long term mission, he has redefined the spare parts receiving inspection strategy, respecified the SAP QM configuration criteria and coached the personnel that will manage it (20\% reduction of the workforce, 50\% reduction of the reception lead time, 50\% reduction of the waiting queue)

Either as consultant or employee,Constant has led several international projects, including development of validation plans for French and Irish plants, deployment of Statistical Process Control techniques in Belgium, France, Malta, former Republic of Yugoslavia and Switzerland, implementation of Plant Maintenance Management System in Israel and Switzerland, coordination of the Y2K project for a Swiss biopharmaceutical company (\$M 23, 24 000 items to test and migrate where needed, more than 150 legal entities to co-ordinate, no failure recorded at Millennium Turn).

As third party auditor, Constant has led more than 400 audits in the automotive distribution sector and lead the ISO 9001/14001 or OSHAS 18001 implementation process in more than 30 certified companies (certified by either Kiwa, SGS, TÜV Rheinland, TÜV Sud, or Vinçotte).

Constant is a "Collaborateur pédagogique" at UMons since 1995 in charge of teaching "Mathématiques appliquées à la Qualité: Maîtrise statistique des procédés".

He is also the "inventor" of the "Qualitionnaire project" and the writer of "Refondation" published on line in July 2013.

Constant has also been one of the administrators of the Société belge de la Cœliaquie.